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Monday, June 18, 2012

Had to switch computers, but finally figured out how to do a new post.

I got an email today and I apologize, but when I hit reply it went back to a non-reply address, so I wanted to write this post in response to the question I was asked.

- With cancer in the mouth and nasal cavity, it will get really nasty with Neo BUT it can potentially save your dogs life. I would encourage you to go out to the Neo website and take a look at the photos and read the stories of other dogs that have been treated with Neo for this type of cancer. The images are quite graphic, but it will prepare you for what you'll face if you chose to go this route. The majority of dogs and cats make a full recovery and while there will be some serious scars the puppies don't care, although the cats might.  ;)

It really is an amazing drug, but you have to follow the directions to the letter and you can't back off when things get nasty and they will with topical applications. If your vet decides to go oral, you probably won't see anything. Just don't make our mistake and make sure the dose is high enough. Many vets not familiar with Neo with opt for the more "conservative" dose. Don't ever take your dog off. It's a life long treatment orally. That's why we lost our puppy.

If you decide to use it (and I would for stage 4 - there aren't many other options besides putting your pet down, which is of course very humane as well) then be aggressive and see it through to the end.

Here's the link:

Look under 1.) Relevant Neoplansene Documents - All are good to read, but Discussions and Case Studies will show you what you're up against and include pictures, so you can make a better decision. Your best bet if you don't want to read the entire document is to simply search for the related words, like "nasal."

Let me know if I can provide anything else for you. BEST OF LUCK! My heart and prayers go out to you for a successful recovery!

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