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Friday, October 7, 2011

Just an update on Indy. He is doing fantastic! It's hard for us believe that he's supposed to be gone in 6 more weeks. It just doesn't seem possible. If it does happen, it's an absolute blessing that he's been this happy and this active right up to the end.

We're trying hard to be "balanced".  On one hand we have to remember that the doctors at UPENN gave us until November 23rd as the absolute best scenario and we're trying to suck up every last minute.

On the other hand we've been using the alternative oral Neoplasene from the very beginning, we changed his diet immediately and he's on a Vitamin C treatment schedule.  He looks MARVELOUS, so we're cautiously hopeful that we've beaten outrageous odds and cured our dog of a very aggressive and always terminal cancer.

What are the chances that Dr. Fox was right when he told me over the phone that our dog would die of old age if we used his drug? Of course he said "chasing frisbees", and we all know that Indy only cares for tennis balls.  ;)

My husband used the word "spunky" to describe Indy this morning. He's literally hoping around and complaining constantly that there's not been enough ball time outside. He just wants to run all day. He's not tired, he's eating well and surprisingly he's not even getting hot after his Neo meals. We're not sure what this means, but we're hoping it's something good.

We've also been very  lucky so far. He has NEVER thrown up even one meal and although in the beginning there was some light encouragement needed, he eats without complaint now.

We're not sure how long it took a 5lb 12x12 tumor to grow inside of him, but we can say with certainty that he feels better today than he has in close to a year's time. What we use to think was old age and arthritis, was clearly cancer. Our 9 year old Golden is acting every bit like the 5 year old we remember so well.

It's been truly heartwarming to watch him grow younger. Keep the prayers coming. We have 6 weeks left to go until we've beaten the statistics.

Thanks for caring!


  1. We are all anxious. It is so wonderful to hear he is doing well and doing 'happy dog' things. It mkes my heart sing. We all know there comes a time for goodbye but I think it is not now. How awesome he is doing. I pray that he will beat the odds as well.

  2. Pretty great news. Wishing you continued good health...cheers!