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Monday, September 5, 2011

6 Weeks and Doing Great!

Hi Faithful Indy Followers!

I've gotten a few e-mails wondering how Indy is since I've been a blogger slacker lately.  ;)  My apologies. Indy is doing very well. He's doing so well that my husband and I have actually been feeling slightly guilty. After his surgery, he's been doing things he hasn't done in years or has never done!

Last year when he started slowing down and having trouble with things like jumping into the car or up onto the bed, we attributed it to arthritis and old age. Now that's he back to acting like he's 2 years old again, we've realized that he stopped doing those things because of the cancer and the tumors.

It's upsetting for me to think about how long he's been feeling bad and we just didn't get it, BUT he's doing wonderful post opt and we're trying hard to enjoy every moment.

Yesterday some friends of our came over to visit with their two kids. Zach is 2 1/2 and went out back to climb on the wooden play set we have in our backyard. It has a fort attached and it's one of Indy's favorite places to hang out. He usually goes up and down the wooden stairs, which is amazing to see by the way and is on the list of things for me to record next week. So, he follows Zach up into the playhouse and then Zach throws his tennis ball down the slide AND INDY WENT DOWN THE SLIDE AFTER IT! 

It was so funny and so amazing to watch. He's never done that before. He's just feeling wonderful. It's all bitter-sweet to think that we're suppose to lose him by Thanksgiving, when he's running around and playing like he's a pup again. We just have to keep believing that we'll beat the odds, but even if we don't we wouldn't trade these blissful weeks with him for anything. The surgery was worth every penny.

I also added a video of him playing with his big red dog. It was one of his first toys and has been his favorite since he was two months old. I added a link to a short slide show with some more pictures of him as well.

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. It means a lot to us. Please keep them coming because we're not out of the woods yet!  ;)   Love to you all from the Ottaviano fur family!


  1. Great to hear Indy is doing so well!


  2. Yeah! such good news. xo