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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next Tuesday November 15th

Hi Everyone!

Indy is doing WONDERFUL! He's happy, healthy (from what we can tell), full of energy and just looks better than he has in years. It's been an absolutely amazing emotional ride.

But, it's not over yet and we have a very big day coming up next week. WE NEED PRAYERS! Indy is having an ultra sound done at UPENN on Tuesday November 15th by the same vet who performed his surgery and read his pathology report. This will tell us for sure if the Neoplasene has been working these last 3-4 months.

We were told to expect him to live another 4 months at best. That date will be November 23rd, so if his time is indeed limited we should see very obvious signs next Tuesday. If he's cancer's just nothing shy of a drug related and divinely inspired miracle.

It's our Judgement Day, so if you could say a quick prayer now as you're reading this and again on Tuesday morning if you think about it, we'd greatly appreciate it. We believe that prayers work and we're prepared either way for the outcome, but of course we have our fingers crossed for something GREAT!

If it's not good, then we've still been blessed to have such a great quality of life these last few months and it's still so much more than we dared to hope for when he was diagnosed. My hope is that someone reading this blog, who may be in the same situation we were in, will seriously consider using this drug. It's just made all the difference. 

I know I suck at blogging, but I PROMISE I will let you know the outcome of the doctor's appointment. Of course, I will be heading out of town that morning, so you'll have a little delay while I wait for Brian to tell me the news.

Thanks for your support!!!

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  1. Good luck Indy! We are wishing the best for you!