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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Indy's UPENN Hospital Appointment!

I promised to give you and update and it's GREAT NEWS!  :)  They did the ultrasound today and they didn't find anything! WWWOOOO-HOOO!!!!

Now with that being said the doctor there is "cautiously optimistic" because he doesn't know anything about the Neoplasene drug we're using. But he was THRILLED with how well Indy looked and his blood work also came back this evening with "nothing to be alarmed about." He has some high normal ranges, but overall he's good.

We believe without a doubt that's it's because of the oral Neo drug, (THANK YOU DENISE) but the doc needs more time and we're happy to give it to him.

So now Indy has a new appointment in 4 months and while this doctor didn't want to give us any false hope, he caved and told Brian that based on his tests and how Indy looks, he believes that he will make it to his follow-up in March.

You can image how we feel today since he wasn't supposed to make it to Thanksgiving! Brian asked him at what point he would consider Indy "cured" and he said he would feel comfortable with that proclamation at the 1 year mark.

So it's still a day at a time for us, but it's also a battle won today! Thanks for the support and prayers!

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  1. I am sooo happy for you guys and Indy!