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Monday, January 23, 2012

We need Indy Prayers!

Hi Indy followers,

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but Indy had been very well until today. We're not sure what's wrong, but he's getting the royal treatment again tonight at the UPENN ER hospital.

Brian has been home with him this week and Indy started vomiting and shivering earlier today. After several hours he couldn't get it to stop, so he decided to play it safe and take him in. Barley was apparently sick to his stomach yesterday, so we're hoping and praying that it's the puppy flu and nothing related to his cancer.

Since Indy is usually so spunky and happy, it's easy to forget that he's living with a very aggressive and always terminal type of cancer. Of course we want to believe that this Neoplasene drug that he's on will give us many more years with him, but the reality is that we have to be grateful for the 6 months we've had so far. There are no case studies or research that we could fine specifically related to this type of cancer, so we know the odds are not in our favor.

Today, by the way, is his 6 month anniversary.  So once again, I find myself being selfish and shameless about it and asking God for more time. If you have a minute, please say a prayer for us today and hope that this is nothing more than a puppy cold. Maybe if we get enough names on the Heavenly petition we can keep him a while longer.

Thanks for your support as always!!


  1. Anonymous23.1.12

    I've just lit a candle to St. Jude for Indy and saying a prayer.
    I unfortunately know what it's like to fight cancer with your canine child! Love you Indy!

  2. Hope you get through this and do indeed get more time.