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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indy Update

Indy's doing very well.  He's at the vet today for his 4th V-C treatment. If nothing else, they seem to boost his energy level.  He also weighed in at 68.8 lbs today, so he's gained some back. All healthy signs, but we have a long way to go yet. 

We're coming up on the 3rd week of Neoplasene treatments and everything seems fine. I really wish there was a way to track his progress other than by looking to see if he's breathing, but the vet said it would be months yet before any new tumors would be large enough to detect so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Brian has recently purchased a meat grinder. He's excited about his new toy and hopefully it will cut down on the cost of preparing Indy's meals. We'll get back to you on how that project goes. Thank you Otto for talking him out of the hand crank one!

I also noticed that Blogger seemed to have fixed their "Follower" gadget, so now if you're interested you can become Indy Fans. Maybe.  :) 

Keep the prayers coming! They're working well!  Thank you again for all the support.


  1. Hi. Best of luck to you on this journey. Indy looks like a real sweet guy.

    I know the feelings. Been there.


    PS. we use the hand grinder

  2. Anonymous16.8.11

    Thanks! It means a lot to know people are out there who know what we're dealing with. It's hard to not feel alone when you go through something terrible like this. :) Thanks again.

    ~ Jenn