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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last V-C Treatment Today

Hi Everyone!

Indy is still doing well. I dropped him off this morning for his last V-C treatment. He was happy to see everyone at the vets office again. He came in with his tennis ball and vocalized his hellos all around to the staff.

The one assistant told me again today how he's just never known another dog like Indy. He said it's scary sometimes but he just knows that Indy understands what he's saying! I told him that we get that a lot. ;) 

He's playing and eating his meals and meds well, but his ears and his feet have been cold lately so they're looking into that today. His gums are also a bit white right now, so we're watching that too. If you didn't know any better though, you really couldn't tell that anything is really wrong. We're just praying that it stays that way. 

Thanks again for the e-mails and the support. It's a long road and we're glad to have all the company!


  1. Glad to hear Indy is doing so well!

    Have you tried the Yunnan Baiyao for the cold paws/ears/pale gums? We use that for Addie and it helps.

    Wishing you many more years of good days!

    Denice and Addie

  2. I just am so anxious to see him improve. He is so special. would he wear some socks? I will make him some. How are Lilly Barley taking it?

  3. Hello Indy so glad your doing so good keep it up.

  4. Blenda Patterson28.8.11

    I am glad that Indy is doing better, He is a beautiful ole boy. I had a 14 1/2 year old Golden that I had to put to sleep in Mid June because of his stomach twisting. I am sure that he is up in heaven rooting Indy on and wishing him the best. Love works miracles and I am sure that Indy knows how much he is loved. Never give up and please keep us updated. I will keep Indy in my prayers.

  5. Indy's Mom5.9.11

    Thank you so much for the comments! We do read them and we're always amazed at how many people want to know about Indy. It just shows you how powerful and inspiring dogs really are.

    Thanks again for the prayers and the support. It helps in so many ways.